Songs for an Airless Room

Songs for an Airless Room was devised in 2009 as an ”opera” for cinema and toured three cinemas in the UK in 2010. Composed for computer, reactive visuals, improvising vocalist and percussion, the piece lasts 45 minutes and was developed whilst the composer was studying themes of loneliness and obsessive behaviour relating to digital media. The piece makes full use of the cinema space itself connecting with the in-house surround sound equipment and digital projection offered as standard in most cinemas.

Songs for an Airless Room, an opera for cinema by Martin Parker from Martin Parker on Vimeo.

This video documents a performance tour that took place in February 2010. The sound was mixed and mastered from a performance at the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh on the 21st Feb 2010. As a work for cinema, the performance exploits the cinema's surround sound system, sub units and digital projection but the sound represented here is a stereo mix.

Phil Minton (improvised vocals)
Joby Burgess (percussion)
Martin Parker (electronics)
Live sound recorded by Sean Williams
Video material by Martin Parker, Rob Kennedy and Rob Hart.